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Slikhaar Daily Dose 2 Conditioner 400 ml

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Prevent breakage and rebuild your hair with a Daily Dose of this rich and hydrating conditioner.

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€ 20,00



The Daily Dose conditioner (13.5 fl. oz./400 ml) acts as a barrier against the elements, adds intense moisture and makes your hair manageable and healthy-looking. Packed with argan oil and wheat protein known to rebuild dull and dry hair and prevent breakage. Oh, and did we mention the scent? This product is unisex and ideal for sharing. 

✓ Argan Oil
✓ Wheat protein
✓ 100% Vegan
✓ Blueberry extract
✓ No added color
✓ Sulphate-free


Begin klein, verdeel de balsem gelijkmatig over je handpalmen. Breng de wax aan op droog haar en boetseer je haar in iedere gewenste stijl. Of breng aan op vochtig haar, verdeel en masseer in het haar, föhn om die gewichtloze hold te creëren met volume en maak de stijl af met een klein beetje meer balsem voor een meer beheerste look.


  • Argan Oil Argan oil has been used for centuries for the care of skin, hair and nails. It helps to soften, strengthen, moisturize and protect. The organic oil is rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid (an omega-6 essential fatty acid) as well as natural antioxidants that add anti-free radical properties and hence anti-aging properties.
  • Wheat Protein Wheat protein helps to rebuild dry and unhealthy hair. Has a softening effect, gives shine and agility to the hair, and makes the hair strong so it does not break so easily.
  • Blueberry Extract Blueberry is a bushy perennial plant that grows in northern forests and forest beds in Europe. The fruit is blue-black. In cosmetics, the extract is used to care for red and irritated skin, and is used in anti-dandruff products and in cleaning products.


3 recommandaties

Review by: TheYani


If you want ByVilain quality but don't wanna pay ByVilain prices for a conditioner
Review by: Torden Majo

My new Fav

Not use to write reviews, but I tried this instead the HS shampoo and now I'm in Love with this products!
Review by: Mik892


This scent of this is so awesome, tropical fruit. My girlfreind steals it from me so I need a new one..
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