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By Vilain Toiletry Bag

In voorraad

The By Vilain Toiletry Bag is finally here. Limited, all black, high quality, 100% real black cow-leather. Fits all your favorite products on the go.

Ships in 8 hours, 45 minutes.

Normale prijs: € 85,00

Tilbudspris € 76,50

Normale prijs: € 85,00

Tilbudspris € 76,50



The black Toiletry Bag from By Vilain is made with 100% real leather on the outside and 100% silky soft satin on the inside. It comes with one big compartment and two smaller; one with zipper.

  • 100% black cow-leather on the outside
  • 100% silky soft satin on the inside
  • Fits all your favorite products on the go
  • Three compartment.

Measurements (in centimeters): 25 x 15 x 11.

Production process:

The Toiletry bag is made from the absolute highest quality NDM cow-leather. NDM stands for Natural Dry Milled, which means the leather is crafted to enhance the natural structures and beauty in the leather instead of artificially adding the structures in. We choose to use top quality cow-leather because we wanted to create a toiletry bag that lasts. Many companies use buffalo or goat which is cheaper, hence the price on this one.

The By Vilain logo on the bag is added by heating an aluminium stamp and applying it on the leather with pressure - just like the cowboys did back in the days and still do it today. When using this method, the stamp will last forever.

The production of the bags is made in India, on a factory with favourable conditions for all employees. The safety and social security is really important to us, and the production is up to date with the European chemical restriction REACH.


100% Black Cow-Leather, 100% Silky Soft Satin.


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