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By Vilain Skeleton Brush

In voorraad

De Skeleton Brush van By Vilain is een professioneel haar tool voor het uitkammen van alle haarlengtes zonder vasthaken. Het föhnen gaat ook makkelijker hiermee.

Ships in 2 days, 3 hours, 50 minutes.
€ 14,00



De 2-zijdige By Vilain Skeleton Brush kamt alle haarlengtes zonder vasthaken. Het design laat een maximale luchtflow toe direct aan de haarwortels en laat je in geen tijd het haar föhnen.


Carbon Fiber


13 recommandaties

Review by: Lucas

The best brush I have ever tried. The best investment. Worth the money 100%

I love this brush, one of my favorite brushes. It gives so much control, volume and straightens out the hair. I apply 10 pumps of sidekick zero and use this brush with heigh heat and it looks amazing after. You might think 14€ is expensive for a brush, but I think it’s the best investment. Definitely recommend it for people with thick wavy hair like me.
Review by: Till


Zuerst dachte ich, dass dieser Kamm ein bisschen dumm aussieht. Ich habe es im Angebot gekauft und beim Ausprobieren festgestellt, dass es tatsächlich perfekt ist, um Volumen aufzubauen. IIch habe vorher immer einen Standardkamm verwendet, aber mit dem SKELETON-Kamm kannst du dein Haar wirklich anders stylen. Nicht schlecht !
Review by: Morris Mcdonnell

A success.

Perfect for volume creation
Review by: William

Best Brush out there for Volume

I love it. Great for pompadour and other hairstyles with volume
Review by: Volkan C

The best

Really good product proud of RASMUSSEN
Review by: Sam Darabi


I cannot live without it, my hair is curly-wavy and only with this amazing brush I can change it to slickback or quiff.
Review by: C norwai

This is the one

Best hairbrush ever. Love how it grabs the hair when I blow-dry my hair.
Review by: Nick

Best brush in the market?

This thing is just amazing!
Review by: Ben

Best styling tool

It's the best styling tool!I use it while blow drying and it's the best! Fully recommend.
Review by: Markus

Surprised by how much of a difference it makes

I used to blow dry my hair using only my fingers but then started experimenting with round brushes to lift it more - since I liked how they style it at the salon with those brushes. Long story short, I had a really hard time with those round brushes, and the skeleton brush is exactly what I needed. Grabs the hair perfectly and very easy to use!
Review by: Martin

Great styling tool

I always use this brush while blow-drying my hair. For me it's the perfect styling tool
Review by: UKman

Good for styling

Real good when blow drying hair. It allows a lot of air to reach the hair when using the brush, and it's real good for styling.
Review by: JT

Awesome tool

Favorite brush! Really helps me during the blow-drying part.
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